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We were created to provide a world class product, to every individual who puts their trust in our company, regardless of their goals and needs. We do this by combining cutting edge sports science, with an understanding that every client needs individualized coaching, from a dedicated and passionate coach.



Dan Balsom

Founder of Balsom Sports Performance

Dan Balsom hails from England, where he was exposed to a variety of sports and life experiences, which all led him to eventually find his true career passion as a Sports Performance Coach. 


Labelled by some as sports obsessed, in his youth, Dan spent all his spare time playing as many sports as he could, including swimming competitively for 9 years and playing soccer for various teams from youth level to representing his University in the UK. 


During his years at the University of East Anglia, Dan first gained a Law degree and then a Masters in Marketing. Planning to enter the business world, it was not until a 6 month trip to Canada that he was motivated to completely alter his career path. The key defining factors being the opportunity of a profession filled with helping athletes and clients achieve their dreams, and reach levels which he himself had aspired to. 


Dan has been coaching athletes and personal training clients since 2013, and mentoring coaches as a Performance Mentor since 2015. Alongside his experience working with athletes from youth to the elite level, and a variety of complex rehab work, his other responsibilities have included overseeing the performance programs of sports organizations in multiple sports, and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams (including national and professional team sport coaches, sports medicine, sports nutrition and sports psychology professionals. 


In order to support his practical philosophy with scientific research, he is currently in the latter stages of completing his doctorate research, utilizing propulsive coordination methods to revolutionize agility training.

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