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Our passion is creating best possible results. Results sports coaches thought impossible. Results you thought impossible. Whether that be improvements in power, speed and agility that transformed your game, rehabbing an injury that seemed insurmountable, or even improving your health and wellness in a way you didn’t imagine. 


Our ability to achieve such results, consistently and repeatedly, comes from our knowledge and experience in elite athlete performance, and our focus on addressing individual sport specific needs. Our coaching philosophy is built around the PCM (propulsive coordination method), which we have used to develop multiple professional and national team athletes in a wide variety of sports.

In support of his practical experience, our Head Coach, Dan Balsom, is always engrossed in scientific research, and is in the final stages of completing his Elite Performance doctorate out of ICap (Institute of Coaching and Performance), UCLan, England. His thesis explores the impact of coordination and posture on agility performance in sport.

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